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Ashish Kanungo: Digital Strategist | Google AdWords Certified | Bing Advertising Certified

Started my career in marketing when it was at the cusp of change from analogical to digital. It was a learning experience to be one among the front-runners of this digital shift. Someone who has digital first thinking and can strategies your brand and business in digital age. A digital catalyst. Read More  

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Consumers Don’t Mind Online Ads – If relevant and Genuine

Gone Are the Days of Banner Blindness. Consumers Don’t Mind Online Ads – If relevant and Genuine! Have you found yourself ignoring the online ads that keep blinking on a webpage or popup out of nowhere? I’m sure most of you would have searched around to find out the “X” mark or a “close” link to be able to hide those annoying ads. Being a diehard digital marketer and a supporter of online ads (after all they do help me earn my living J and are also a life line for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and most of online media giants), sometimes I still do get annoyed by those ads. The digital / online media ecosystem has evolved through a series of transformation at all levels of the supply chain including the mindset of the audience. Now we see Advertorials, Adver-Blogs, Adver-Games, Advertainment, Adver-widgets, Adver-Plugins. This sponsored culture has propagated within the roots of the industry like any other publication media.  Amazon’s ad-supported version of Kindle, priced at $114 that it had introduced earlier this year, is currently at the top of its list of best selling electronics. Interestingly, if almost everyone is annoyed by those ads, why are people buying the ad-supported gadget! It sheds light to an interested point about the e-commerce industry and online advertisers. 1. After all consumers don’t mind online ads, if they are what they look. If the ads that are coming are genuine, don’t look fake or look like as if on a click they will take you a website selling bogus products, people will actually look at those ads. Moreover, the ads should... read more

Hello World

Hello WORLD At the onset of Internet everyone wanted an email, then they wanted to join more and more news groups….after this they wanted a personal web page for themselves, then they wanted more pages for their family, friends, petsJ. Very soon corporate also joined the rally, every company big or small wanted an address on internet (an online business card), then they wanted some web directories to search business and their addresses…Phew -online yellow pages, then companies started advertising on them. Soon schools, hospitals, societies, communities not only this OMG Govt.’s came forward and there were too many pages… a medium for interaction became medium of communication…everyone wanted to search, soon there were search tools to give people exactly what they wanted, soon people started searching with expressions. This became an OVERTURE to new era and GO getter search tools started recording them. Businesses started advertising on these expressions…. Soon companies started benefiting from advertising and people started getting what they wanted. Soon people got connected with companies, communities and vice-versa; And this is how a medium of personal identity, became a medium of interaction, a medium of communication and finally a medium of TRANSACTION. Real time communication has endless possibilities coz people by virtue have affinities, Preferences and most important….social needs, email was not just enough to keep them happy soon they got happy with Online forums and then chat to connect with their friends and  share good and bad things, then people wanted to make new friends not only dating J  but real friends and communities thereby. This freedom of expression – The Net Neutral Space... read more

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