Digital Natives Looking for Privacy with Freedom of Speech!

Do Netzens know the rule?

From Government to Citizens, From Kinds to Teens and from Youth to Grand’s everyone is online. May we call them as Generation Y, Millennial or Generation Z or Generation@, Net Generation or Generation Text… There is one term that can define them well which is DIGITAL NATIVES or The Cyber Citizens.

The whole picture of digitalization on this information superhighway was considered as intellectual communication but the online identities or Digital identities of these still mostly remains anonymous.  In this age it was very easy  for these digital natives to cross this thin line between anonymity and pseudonymity, decently we use to call them as pen names.

Since 1990, Millions of Netizens are communicating with each other and enjoying convenience of expression online. The communities now are online; they are digitally connected through various social media and micro blogs, forums and public video channels.

The social sharing and networking sites including blogs, video sharing, micro blogs, and social networking sites became breeding grounds and vectors of such rumours and slanders.  These places are full of abusive remarks and statements on social affairs, public faces, and also affecting individual lives.

Net victimization is leaving its mark on the entire cyber-globe.

Net Victimization

The risks of net victimization is spreading over three corners i.e content, community and commerce


This explosion of connected devices, connected communities and connected personas gave rise to annoying rumours  slanders, abuses, hatred speeches  The rise is cyber bullying, impersonation,  cyber stalking, identity-theft, profile hacking, phishing, adware, malware, WIFI HACKING, cyber-porn, cyber-baiting. Number of Online Victimization is alarming: 1 millions plus victims per day, 50k Every hour, 14+ victims every second. Kids and students are most affected vulnerable community in all this.

The online footprints are telling stories where information is exploding, users are increasing and usage is increasing too. On the other hand, this problem is increasing to an alarming extent where more and more kids/students are watching violent acts, sexual references and advertisements online making them easy INTERNET VICTIMIZATION TARGETS.

Cybercrime is line a communicable disease, its brought home by one member but the whole family suffers.

Net Neutrality, Personal Privacy and Freedom of Speech

In the era of digital communication, it became a global challenge and countries are facing a big question on how to manage a balance between net-neutrality; freedom of speech with anonymity of the expression and the imposing some degree of digital media ethics to stop rumors, abuses, defamations and other propaganda’s happening every day.

Online privacy laws are being abused every day; the problem of digital grapevine and digital rumors need to be addressed collectively but why a global concept of net neutrality and net-citizen is being handled by local or national regulations?

The whole dogma of Internet regulators from various countries are facing this dilemma where legislators, politicians, law experts, journalists are having tough time battling the war of rumors in the age of digitally connected mass.

The American law give journalists right of immunity to release information which hasn’t been verified yet. But citizens don’t have the right of immunity.

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